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A LaunchPad for the community, by the community!

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OXBX is a revolutionary Launchpad that aims to transform the BRC-20 token and Ordinals minting experience by significantly reducing the potential for bot mints by putting spotlight on whitelist only mints, thus ensuring fairness for every member of the community. Our first exclusive mint will be our very own token, $BUXS, which will serve as the main currency, along side $BTC, of the OXBX platform.

$BUXS holders will enjoy an array of valuable utilities, including guaranteed whitelist (WL) spots for any projects launched on OXBX, complimentary mints, staking rewards, and much more. A total of 100,000,000 $BUXS tokens will be available, with 10% allocated to the team for marketing and further development, and the remaining portion exclusively reserved for whitelisted users.

Since the minting process is limited to whitelist participants, any unsold tokens will be burned, thereby augmenting the value for existing holders. The act of holding and accumulating $BUXS will be highly rewarding as our project progresses. If you have not obtained whitelist access yet, please find a code on our Twitter and submit it here. Please note that there are only limited spots available.

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💰 Phase 1: The Token Mint 💎

Phase 1 will introduce the highly anticipated $BUXS token mint! As our initial whitelist-only mint, it serves as a crucial test of our community's strength. This exclusive release is designed to reward our dedicated members, offering guaranteed whitelist access to our first Ordinal drop, which will take place shortly after the token mint. Any unsold tokens will be permanently burned, ensuring that long-term $BUXS holders reap the greatest benefits and enjoy sustained value over time.

🔥 Phase 2: The NFT 🖼️

Shortly after the $BUXS token mint, we have ambitious plans to ignite a wave of excitement and execute a robust marketing campaign for our exclusive whitelist-only Ordinals collection, "The Hustlers." These pixelated characters are artfully humanized and possess distinctive traits to represent our community. The minting of these highly sought-after NFTs will be accessible solely to $BUXS token holders, with snapshots taken just minutes before the launch. Our objective is to bring forth a series of exclusive drops and mints, catering to both "The Hustlers" and $BUXS holders. We have exciting plans in store, including upcoming utilities such as staking, but we will delve into those details at a later stage. Stay tuned for more updates!

💡 Phase 3: Partnerships and Further Utility Building 🌐

Our launchpad aims to serve as a gateway for other projects within the Bitcoin ecosystem, facilitating seamless and efficient minting processes for their respective communities. By welcoming and supporting these projects, we not only enhance our own value but also bring significant benefits to all our holders. Each partnership we forge contributes to our growth and strength. $BUXS and Hustler token holders can anticipate a range of advantages following each launch and collaboration. These perks include guaranteed whitelist spots, reduced minting fees, and much more. As the Bitcoin ecosystem expands and we delve deeper into the realm of Ordinals and other protocols, we remain committed to adapting and expanding accordingly.

NFT Launch

NFT Sample

The Hustlers is a collection of 3,333 badass mfers conquering the world of Ordinals. It will be the first exclusive WL only ordinals mint happening on OXBX and will only be available to $BUXS holders who have been in from the start.

Who are they really tho??

YOU! The Ordinal Enthusiasts, The Reply Guys, The Crypto Degens! The WL Hunters!

With tons of special utility to come such as staking, guaranteed WL spots to future big projects, private raffles and even reduced fees for any project mints happening on OXBX